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Loose DiamondsAmy Ephron has spent some of her life chronicling Los Angeles & New York and places in-between. From her Los Angeles Times’ Magazine column “Palm Latitudes” to New York Times T Magazine column “L.A. POV”, and Contributor and Contributing Editor at Vogue & Some these pieces appear in her collection, “Loose Diamonds”.
     A bestselling novelist, she thinks of herself as a period writer, in a way. In her work, she juxtaposes society, history, culture, intrigue, and love.
     A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917 “A Cup of Tea A Novel of 1917”, is a heartbreaking love story in New York set against the backdrop of the U.S entrance into World War I. (Originally based on a Katherine Mansfield short story.).
      “One Sunday Morning” begins as four women watch from a brownstone window as a young woman they know exits One Sunday MorningThe Gramercy Park Hotel wearing dancing slippers from the night before accompanied by a young man on a Sunday morning. The young man is engaged to someone else.... (Winner Booklist Best Fiction and Booklist Best Historical Fiction awards.)
      Ephron’s novellas, the hip “Cool Shades,” the romantic noir, “Bruised Fruit,” & somewhat comedic, oddly timely and Biodegradable Soappoignant, “Biodegradable Soap,” are all set in L.A. in the 70s, 80s & 90s.
White Rose Una Rosa Blanca      “White Rose, una rosa blanca” is set in 1897, in Cuba and New York. It is based on the true story Evangelina Cisneros, the beautiful 19 year old Cuban political activist who was rescued from prison in Havanna by a Hearst reporter.
      She has also written “The Castle in the Mist,” “Carnival Magic” and “The Other Side of the Wall”, a YA/Middle-grade series. Two siblings from New York are caught in a world of magical realism whenever they visit their Aunt in England. Tess, 11, when we first meet her, becomes a true super-hero as she tries to rescue them and heal hearts along the way. Max, her younger more logical brother tries to make sense of it all. Sometimes, you have to believe in magic.

The Castle in the MistCarnival MagicThe Other Side of the Wall





author's notes:
What if it was true? What if wishes did come true and she'd wasted a wish, a real wish... "The Castle in the Mist"


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