AdviceToWriters Interview


When and where do you write?

I always say that, for me, books get written a sentence at a time…that you write in your head sometimes and then put it on paper, and having once been a single mother to three kids, I never quite had the kind of schedule where I could block hours, weeks, days….

Some people need to do that, to have a set time and place. But write best with the view though on a window…possibly essential element in my office which is why I often have a writing table in the middle (or corner) or the living room...if that’s the better view.

What are you working on now?

I’ve just published my first novel for children, I call it a modern day mash-up of an old-fashioned children’s book, “The Castle in the Mist.”

I’m on book tour, which is amazing and fascinating, as I’m visiting not only wonderful bookstores, cities, conference, but also doing a lot of school events and interfacing with young and amazing students 3-7th grade…so in a way, at the moment, I’m having a lot of fun teaching as the book is a little about believing in yourself, believing in magic, with a bit of wild astronomy and possible other-worldly-ness thrown in and the deep belief that wishes can come true. But secretly, I might be writing something.

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