Amy Ephron

Amy Ephron lives in Los Angeles. Her new book "Carnival Magic" the continued, startling, sometimes magical adventures of Tess and Max is a bestseller and was featured in "Teen Vogue," tagged as a standalone, "Parade," "Story Monsters, inc," "The Jewish Journal," etc. It has been nominated for an American Library Association award, The Grand Canyon Award to be announced in 2020. A companion to "The Castle in the Mist," (the intro to Tess & Max and their Aunt Evie,) was an Amazon Best pick, a B&N pick, and claimed a nom for a SCIBA award.

She is the author of the bestselling "A Cup of Tea"; "One Sunday Morning"; "White Rose"; etc, and "Loose Diamonds," a collection of modern essays, pieces of which appeared in Vogue and The New York Times.

author's notes:
What if it was true? What if wishes did come true and she'd wasted a wish, a real wish... "The Castle in the Mist"


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