• A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917


    Ephron turns the notion of the good Samaritan on its head in a bauble of a tale about altruism gone horribly wrong.
    —Publishers’ Weekly

    International Bestseller

  • Amy Ephron introduces her new novel, ‘The Castle In The Mist’

    Amy talks about The Castle in the Mist

  • Amy Ephron Reveals Cover for 'The Castle in the Mist'

    Take an exclusive look at the cover and two interior illustrations to Amy Ephron’s first children’s book, The Castle in the Mist, which will go on sale Feb. 7, 2017, from Penguin Young Readers imprint Philomel.

  • Amy Ephron’s Carnival Magic Reminds Young Readers to Touch the Sky - Parade

    parade logoBest-selling author Amy Ephron has always been a magical storyteller. These days, she is using her writing ways to fuel the imaginations of young readers. In the recently released Carnival Magic, the companion book to Ephron’s successful The Castle in the Mist, the world is invited to join the continued adventures of Tess and Max where all things seem possible.

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  • Carnival Magic


    This companion to Castle In the Mist features a mysterious carnival, an ominous psychic, and a wind that whisks Tess and Max away from their vacation in South Devon, England. Which fantastical world will they find this time?

    Carnival Magic Final CoverAmy Ephron’s CARNIVAL MAGIC, following siblings from Ephron’s THE CASTLE IN THE MIST, as they embark on their second magical adventure, this time in Devon, England where a roadside carnival runs away with them!

  • Castle in the Mist - Pop Bop

    pop bopReviewed by Pop Bop

    5.0 out of 5 starsPuts the Magic and the Reality Into Middle Grade "Magical Realism"

  • Children's Books Heal

    childrens books healReviewed by Patricia Hilton

  • Loose Diamonds



    "Her honest approach to her good and not-so-good relationships might be just the thing for anyone feeling sorry about themselves." – Morgan Murrell

  • One Sunday Morning: A Novel

    Booklist: Best Fiction Award
    Booklist: Best Histortical Fiction Award


  • Teen Vogue -"Carnival Magic" Is the Whimsical Adventure of Your Dreams

    teen vogue

    Reading Amy Ephron’s new novel Carnival Magic feels like stepping into a different literary landscape entirely. Gone are the themes of extreme fantasy or acute realism that polarize YA novels in 2018, and in their place is a much softer, otherworldly take on childhood mystery, reminiscent of classics such as The Secret Garden or A Little Princess.

  • The Castle in the Mist - is here!


    The Castle in the Mist Cover

    In the tradition of Edward Eager and E.L. Konigsburg, a novel about the excitement—and the dangers—of wishing.


    Tess and her brother, Max, are sent for the summer to their aunt’s sleepy village in the English countryside, where excitement is as rare as a good wifi signal. So when Tess stumbles upon an old brass key that unlocks an ornately carved gate, attached to a strangely invisible wall, she jumps at the chance for adventure. And the world beyond the gate doesn’t disappoint. She finds rose gardens, a maze made of hedges, and a boy named William who is just as lonely as she is.

    But at William’s castle, strange things begin to happen. Carnival games are paid for in wishes, dreams seem to come alive, and then there's William's eerie warning: Beware of the hawthorn trees. A warning that chills Tess to the bone.

    In a magical, fantasy world that blurs the line between reality and imagination, readers are left to wonder exactly what they’d wish for if wishes could come true. Perfect for fans of Half Magic and The Secret Garden—and for anyone who's ever wondered if magic is real.


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  • White Rose: Una Rosa Blanca

    White Rose Una Rosa Blancaorder

    Newspaper reporter Karl Decker has seen many covert missions. But nothing prepares him for Evangelina Cisneros--the young Cuban revolutionary he is sent to rescue from a Havana jail.